Ashtanga Basics - Level 1

A well-rounded practice for those new to the Ashtanga method (or yoga in general), this class will introduce the basic breathing technique, sun salutations, the standing sequence, and some of the postures of the primary series. Modifications will be offered. Open to all. Beginners welcome. Offered on Monday mornings at 9:00-10:30 am starting 9/18/2017

Guided Half-Primary - Level 2

This class will explore the postures in the first half of the Primary series. You will move to the traditional vinyasa count as a group, and brief explanations and set ups for the postures will be given, along with modifications. No late entrance after 9:10 am. Open to all, however not appropriate to absolute beginners. Offered on Friday mornings at 9:00-10:30 am starting 9/22/2017


A dynamic, moderately paced practice centered on the coordination of breathe and movement. Option for increasing or decreasing intensity are suggested throughout class, and use of props and modifications encouraged. Expect to sweat. Offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:00-10:30 am starting 9/19/2017

All Levels Vinyasa Flow

Here we move from steadily pose to pose in coordination with the breath, gradually building deeper internal warmth as we explore a variety of Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Core Integration practices, Backbends, Twists, Forward Bends, Hip Openers and Inversions. Usually set to lively yet soothing background music, these classes offer a vigorous yet sustainable approach to Hatha yoga in which every part of the body is awakened, purified, tonified and brought into greater balance. 

Foundational Vinyasa 

Using the breath as the object of meditation, this class explores the intricacies of simple yoga postures and their foundational elements. With longer holds and a moderate pace, this practice is appropriate for all levels. Offered on Wednesday nights 5:45-7:15 pm starting 1/6/2016.

Slow Flow 

A slower paced, deep exploration into our tension patterns accumulated over the week, this class is a mix of active, flowing sequences and more passive, restorative release. Offered on Friday evenings at 5:45-7:15 pm starting 1/8/2016.  

Vinyasa 1-2 

Open to beginners as well as experienced students who want a moderately paced class. Most Level 1 and Level 1-2 classes are taught in the Vinyasa Flow style, offering dynamic movement with and between poses that generates internal warmth and helps the body to more naturally open. These classes focus on the fundamentals of basic poses, offering a well-rounded class emphasizing safe alignment, breathing techniques, and the gradual development of greater flexibility, strength and balance.

Vinyasa 2-3 

These classes are designed for physically fit students who want to develop a deep yoga practice involving deep strength and flexibility. Each classes offers a variety of relatively challenging poses, sequences and breathing techniques. These classes are taught in the Vinyasa Flow style, offering dynamic movement with and between poses that generates internal warmth and helps the body to more naturally open. Comeexpecting poses, sequences and variations that require moderate strength and flexibility.

Intermediate Vinyasa

A vigorous, meditative flowing class with a focus on strength building, mental focus, and postural balance. Minimum of 3 months of steady vinyasa practice recommended. Offered Monday evenings 5:45-7:15 pm starting 1/4/2016. 

Advanced Play

An intense and lighthearted exploration of advanced postures and transitions, with a strong emphasis on inversions and arm balances. A minimum of one year of steady vinyasa practice is required. Also, a sense of humor. Offered Friday evenings 4:00-5:30 pm starting 1/1/2016. 

Restorative Yoga and Guided Meditation 

Deeply relax into the parasympathetic nervous system with a whole body/mind/heart sensation experience.  Denise will place you in the most deeply relaxing and restorative poses with yoga props and then using various methods such as guided visualizations, Yoga nidra and calming breath techniques will allow for a completely restoring experience.  The class ends with Gong sound healing.  Feel the stress, tension and restless mind release.  Please join us for this unique and nourishing class.  7:30-8:30 pm.  Wednesday nights.  

Gentle Yoga 

Gentle Yoga is a good choice for everyone interested in exploring a less strenuous practice including beginning students and those who might have some physical limitations.  Standard postures (asanas) are taught at a relaxed pace with options, modifications and use of props. Emphasis is on safe and effective alignment as well as breath awareness, mindfulness and relaxation. You will build strength, increase flexibility and balance, and enhance your well being.  

Gentle Yoga 1

This class is suitable for continuing students as well as beginners. Stretching while connecting breath with movements and stillness makes this a mindful, introspective practice. Options for increasing or decreasing intensity are suggested throughout class. Props are available to modify and support alignment. The benefits include increased strength, flexibility, balance, awareness and inner peace. 

Yin Yoga

This quiet, meditative practice focuses on the passive holding of postures for longer periods of time (3 to 5 minutes). Through deep relaxation, we release deeply held tension in the muscles and connective tissue, encouraging the free flow of energy in the body. Longer holds and focused breathing give the bodymind time to slow down and drop into stillness, cultivating a meditative component of practice. This class is a wonderful compliment to a Vinyasa practice, running, cycling or other activities. All levels are welcome.

Yoga Basics Flow

This class is appropriate for beginning to advanced students who want to focus more on movement, technique and alignment. A wide yet balanced selection of postures allows you to explore new movements and provides the option to challenge your limits. The themes and alignment presented allow you to leave each class with a new awareness that you can use on and off the mat. This class is a great way to get to know your body.

Tao Yin Yoga

A gentle style of Yoga that cycles between slow flowing movement and long-held Yin postures. Tao Yin means "to guide and direct the vital principle"; developed by ancient healers and martial artists to move and circulate healing vital energy through the body. This relaxing practice creates length and flexibility in the muscles without sacrificing strength (dynamic stretching) while focusing the mind and balancing the Chi (energy). Suitable for all body types, ages, and experience levels. Offered on Saturday evenings 6:30-7:45 pm starting 9/23/2017


QiGong is a self-healing system that aims to balance and stimulate Qi, the life force of the body in order to promote health, calm the mind and increase spiritual awareness. It is a synthesis of Buddhism, Taoism, martial arts, and traditional Chinese medicine. Because QiGong has diverse origins and numerous objectives, hundreds of styles have organically evolved over time. However, the predominant objective of most QiGong styles is to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through mental concentration, breathing, movement, body position, and relaxation.



We all come to yoga somewhat uniquely, with different lifestyles, intentions, and conditions. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer a wide variety of classes!  They vary in length, intensity, and style. Come explore!