New to Mysore

Mysore Immersion

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Interested in starting a Mysore practice, but don't know how to begin? Join Erika Abrahamian and a small group of fellow practitioners three times a week for one month in the mysore room, as you 'dive into the deep end'. During this time, Erika will guide your small group through the beginning postures of the primary series, help you modify based on your body and your needs, and help demystify the ashtanga practice. Because the immersion takes place during regular mysore hours, you will have ample time to get comfortable with the setting and the different aspects of the culture and method. These sessions will be enhanced with weekly emails, and chances to check in with Erika, where she will answer your questions and help you get in the flow of the mysore room and practice. You can expect to develop the beginnings of an independent practice that you can build on according to your specific needs and intentions.

**No more than 3 absences, please.

~Starts the first Monday of each month~

~Meets MWF 7:00-8:00 am~

~Duration 1 month~

~6 people maximum~

Mysore Etiquette:

-You may arrive at any time to start your practice, as long as you can finish by 8:45 (backbends by 8:30).

-Please enter and leave the practice space as quietly and respectfully as possible.

-No water bottles or phones on the floor

-Practice in appropriate clothing is required (put something over your undergarments :) )

-Please make sure that your body, your yoga mat and towel, and your clothing are odor and scent free. Even essential oils are problematic for many people.

-You will most likely sweat. Please bring a towel.

-Do your part in creating an inclusive and safe space for everyone.  


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