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erika abrahamian

Erika teaches an exacting vinyasa practice based on the principles of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Her classes are exploratory, meditative, and light-hearted; mixing fundamental elements of Ashtanga with therapeutic strength-building postures and energetic actions. She asks her students to move through the intensity of the experience with compassion and a sense of humor. She is a dedicated ashtanga vinyasa practitioner. Learn more about her here:  http://erikaabrahamian.blogspot.com/

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renee allen

Renee teaches yoga with the hope and intention for each student to feel completely at ease -- never worrying or wondering, always accepting and honoring where the body is throughout the practice. Renee did yoga for over 15 years before taking Mark Stephens’ 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014. Some of her early influences were Erich Schiffmann, Baron Baptiste, Bryan Kest and Steve Ross. Renee is now a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and has been teaching yoga in Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz for the past 2 years. She has worked with students who are completely new to yoga as well as seasoned yoga practitioners and finds joy in all areas of the spectrum.   www.reneeallenyoga.com


Amanda Biccum

Amanda Biccum's yoga journey began nearly 10 years ago. It was the practice on the mat that deepened her connection to her body, and it was the practice off mat that let her to where she is today. In 2014 Amanda took her first trip to India to complete her 500 YTTC and since then has lived and studied throughout India with various teachers and styles of Hatha and Iyengar. She has traveled around the world teaching in various places from San Francisco, to Central America  and Southeast Asia. Her style is a unique blend of strong alignment and meditative flow, suitable for all levels. Her core philosophy of yoga is that it is a practice that extends far beyond the mat. "My job is not to teach yoga, my job is to teach awareness of SELF through the practice of yoga."


puja chance

Believing that anyone can begin their own yoga journey at any time, I try to teach each class to the level of the students that are present. I am forever growing in my own practice as a student and a teacher, and love the sense of yoga as always evolving and bringing new insight.

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Yoga has greatly enhanced my wellbeing over many years as a student.  I'm excited and inspired as a teacher to share the remarkable benefits of yoga with others. In gentle Yoga, I present options, modifications and ways to breathe that allow the postures to work best for your body, making it a safe, sustainable and mindful practice.  I have learned so much from all my teachers, especially Mark Stephens.  In 2012,  I completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification with him and I'm currently enrolled in his 500-hour certification program. It is deeply satisfying and meaningful to me when students say, "That was just what I needed."  Discover for yourself the power of yoga to increase your awareness and aliveness!

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Kaylee Delfin

My classes strike a balance between building strength while maintaining softness. As a psychology major, I strongly believe in the power of meditation and the effects it has on the brain. I began my yoga journey at age 20 with a free week trial at Corepower Yoga. I knew my anxiety driven life had the potential to change. And it did, tremendously. For the first time in years, I felt my true self. Since then I have been propelled into the realm of holistic healing. I have studied many different modalities, from yoga for trauma recovery to the anatomy of asana. I am passionate and driven to continuously learn and grow this practice of yoga. When I’m not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find me studying psychology or buddhism, sticking my toes in the sand, ecstatic dancing, hiking through the forests, or making epic meals with friends. My hope is to inspire students to tap into their boundless potential on and off the mat.


Ana Graziosi

Ana is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor who has taught Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation around the world in places including Richard Branson's and Larry Page's private islands. But what she truly enjoys about teaching yoga is helping people find their strengths, confidence, and happiness from within.


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Elizabeth’s classes are open to pure beginners, as well as more advanced students who want a slower paced class. She invites students of all ages, sizes, and abilities to explore their bodies, relax their minds, open their hearts and tune in to their breath as they create more space, energy and compassion together through this powerful practice.

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E-RYT 500, IKYTA Level II, C. Ayu. Denise's classes are alignment based slow flowing vinyasa and restorative founded in the Krishnamacharya lineage, that the yoga must be fit to the individual. An abundance of compassionate cues, keen observations from over 16 years on the mat, humor and vibrant encouragement make each class a unique and uplifting experience. Within you is that Divine Light that desires to be fully shining. Rooted in compassion and heartfelt understanding, Denise Kirpal knows these practices give us a way, a place and a means to uncover that inner light, that inner balance to live fully and wholly, in exactly the way we are meant to live. The key is accepting  us as we are, beginning where we are and seeing the Light in all.  Experience how to create and maintain balance, peace and more love in your life. Choose from a myriad of ways to begin to heal and harmonize with classes, yoga teacher training, ayurveda or a private holistic yoga session. www.divinelightyoga.com

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A native of Brazil, Dani has studied deeply with Edi Lisboa in Rio de Janeiro, & with some of foremost teachers in the world: Dharma Mittra, Richard Freeman, Lino Miele, Kino McGregor & Mark Stephens, with whom completed her teacher training. Dani has also traveled to India to deepen her experience of yoga, to study Indian philosophy, & to complete a teacher training in Iyengar-style yoga. A happy mom of two beautiful boys, and simply a delight to be around.



Nick Loffree is a certified Qigong, Tai Chi and Tao Yin Instructor, as well as a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner and Blissology Yoga Teacher. He is a Senior Instructor with world-renowned Energy Medicine school, Holden QiGong, and is an on-staff Qigong Teacher at 1440 Multiversity. His passion for the healing arts began with his own health crisis in adolescence, with several severe chronic conditions being diagnosed as incurable by traditional western doctors. A deep, decade long dive into Buddhist, Yogic, and Taoist Mind-Body Practices, alongside herbalism and nutrition, led him back to balance and vitality of mind, body and spirit. This journey, and the transformations of others he has met along the way, have fueled his vision of sharing the tools of self-healing and empowerment with the world.



Rachel finished her 200hr-YTT with Mark Stephens in the summer of 2015, becoming the youngest teacher to have graduated his program at the age of 17. Rachel holds a deep respect for the philosophical side of the practice as well as the physical. She believes in using the practice to bring the body, breath, and the mind into a balanced harmonization. Above all she wants her students to gain the most out of their personal experience and have fun while doing it.



Michelle teaches vinyasa flow infused with yin, meditation, pranayama, a bit of humor and A LOT of gratitude. She uses inspiration from daily life to build fun, heart opening classes, emphasizing strong alignment, and connectedness. "The connection to ourselves, others, nature and those things that truly nourish us is an important part of this practice for me." Michelle draws her knowledge and inspiration from a variety of teachers including Nancy Goodfellow,  Mark Stephens, Sarah and Tai Powers, Noah Levine, Jason Murphy, Rusty Wells, Eoin Finn(just to name a few) as well as the great ocean, mountains, and mother nature!


Hannah Muse

Ever since yoga found her, Hannah’s heart has been bursting open and spilling over with love. She feels blessed by the path of yoga and mindfulness, and is honored to share it with YOU. 

Her classes are more than just a series of physical poses: although you will probably sweat, her teachings encompass pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantra and philosophy. Her nurturing guidance combines therapeutic physical alignment with dynamic playful sequencing that create pathways for students to heal at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. She is also known for her epic storytelling and that sweet Bhakta voice that stirs deep in your soul.

With a background in environmental advocacy and social justice, Hannah is deeply committed to serving her local community, and the greater collective of humanity.  She is the Founder of the yoga program at Siena House, serving homeless women and their babies during pregnancy and postnatal, and she also serves on the board of the Yoga for All Movement, whose mission is to make yoga accessible to all.  She has been voted as one of the Top Three Yoga Instructors in the Santa Cruz Good Times for the past five years in a row.  Hannah is devoted to sharing the sacred gifts of yoga that saved her life, healed her body, uplifted her depression and awaken her heart each day. 

Hannah has completed extensive training in yoga anatomy, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, vinyasa, hatha, restorative, prenatal/postnatal, and is certified at the highest level of Yoga Alliance (E-RYT-500, RPYT).  Her more recent studies immersed her into Ayurveda and Mindfulness & Neuroscience.  She teaches classes, workshops and retreats in Santa Cruz, CA and internationally.  Hannah is co-creator and co-teacher of the beloved Roots Yoga Teacher Training, as well as Mount Madonna Center's Prenatal Teacher Training.  She has been a featured presenter at Symbiosis, Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, Electric Forest, Spirit Weavers and many other festivals and conferences around the world.

For inspiration and more, follow Hannah at:

She is eternally grateful to all of the teachers who have blessed her along this path, especially her 8-year old daughter/Zen master Ruby Bea.



Dana Rivkin offers breath focused, fluid movement yoga classes with alignment cues that explore, anatomy, personal development and playful discovery of the self. Her yoga journey began in 2005 when she walked out of her first vinyasa class feeling like she was floating on clouds. Dana completed her 200hr teacher training at Yoga Union in Portland, OR and is certified as a Street Yoga teacher, sharing the gift of breath and body awareness with homeless and at-risk youth. Continually inspired by the wisdom, strength, and gifts of her teachers, friends, and family, Dana believes yoga is a life-long study on and off the mat.



Debbie was introduced to gymnastics and dance before she was able to walk.  Her boundless enthusiasm for all things movement guided her to a path of studying and performing many forms of dance including jazz, tap, ballet, modern, hip hop, and West African.  When she was 16 years old, Debbie was introduced to yoga as a way of cooling down at the end of vigorous dance classes.  She never looked back.

Debbie holds her Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher certification at the 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance.  She was named one of the Top Yoga Teachers in the Bay Area by Common Ground Magazine in 2008 and has been a featured presenter at Yoga Reaches Out, Bhakti Fest, and various International retreats and trainings.  She has completed yoga certifications in Power Vinyasa with Baron Baptiste, Yoga Therapy and Thai Massage with Saul David Raye, Anatomy with Denise Kaufman, and Sequencing with Seane Corn.  Debbie is also a certified Crossfit Level 1 trainer and has completed Kelly Starrett’s Movement and Mobility Course.  Currently, she is an ambassador for lululemon athletica, Manduka mats, and MeSheeky clothing.

Debbie’s mission is to guide individuals towards a deeper sense of strength, balance, and personal power through yoga and movement.  She is the creator of Dansa Vinyasa ™, which combines traditional West African Dance with Vinyasa Yoga and live percussion as well as YogiWOD.com, a website and interactive community bringing accessible yoga practices to CrossFitters and athletes.  Her classes and workshops are fun, challenging, inspiring, and open to all experience levels.



Anne has been teaching yoga for 8 years and has studied with Yoga Works, Mark Stephens, Leslie Kaminoff, Kofi Busia and others.  Her teaching style focuses on helping students learn how to support their bodies as they develop both their strength and flexibility, while navigating their practice in a compassionate way.